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Yes it was created to make a smile appear on your face! I am sorry that sometimes the songs are slightly changed
but understand that it is only to advertise bands and their songs that we like to listen to.
If someone offended me, please contact me. If you liked the bunch
share it and subscribe to my profile and then you will find that you have done the right thing.
1- Sandra Lauer - TNT For The Brain remi
2- Sandra - Everlasting Love (12 Pwl Remix)
3- Sandra - Heaven Can Wait (Fire Dance Music Video)
4- Sandra - In The Heat Of The Night( Tropical Future Remix)
5- Sandra - Infinite Kiss (J Remix)
6- Sandra - Maria Magdalena (Remix 2016)
7- Sandra - Innocent Love( remix - Dj. Alex Mix Project)
8- Sandra - Secret Land (Dee Grom Remix)
9- Sandra - Around My Heart [2006 Remix].flv
10- Sandra - Loreen (Bass Dump Remix)